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Covid-19 Safety

The main goal for Chili Youth Baseball is to provide a  way for the youth in the surrounding area to play baseball, but safely. Chili Youth baseball was able to have a 2021 season despite working around covid guidelines that seemed to be changing every month. In order to continue to be safe, Chili Youth baseball will require all players, coaches, spectators etc. to abide by all social-distancing guidelines as long as they are in place by our government. We encourage you to always look to the CDC for any updates or changes. We will continue efforts on cleaning all shared equipment. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at:

Below are Guidelines Followed for the 2021 Season for Reference

As of now, there for the 2022 season there are no set guidelines in place for social distancing or wearing a mask while outside. If this should chaneg, we may be implementing some guidelines from the 2021 season.