2021 Covid-19 - Social Distancing Guidelines

In the event that a player/coach or anyone attending a Chili Youth Baseball event has been tested positive with Covid-19 the following protocol must be followed:

1. The confirmed person should immediately isolate and seek medical care if needed.

2. The local Department of Health must be called.  Chili Youth Baseball will conduct tracing efforts on their own, and notify anyone that has been in immediate contact with the confirmed person. Any person that was deemed in immediate contact may need to quarantine while waiting to get called by the Department of Health. Chili Youth Baseball will comply with any efforts and supply any information needed to the Department of Health.

3. Chili Youth Baseball will record the beginning and ending time of each event and maintain an accurate list of coaches, players, and volunteers present.

4. If feeling symptomatic it is encouraged to seek care from a medical professional. Seek testing if recommended and available.