2021 Covid-19 - Social Distancing Guidelines

Chili Youth Baseball is taking extra steps to ensure that equipment is as clean as possible to prevent the spread of germs. The following enhanced sanitation measures in place are:

1. Each team will be given supplies to clean equipment, as well as hand sanitizer for anyone to use.

2. The coach will have a designated person to help sanitize shared equipment after each inning, as well as at the end of each game or practice. During games we will encourage the team on the field to use their own balls and and take them with them so the balls will stay on the same hands of the same team.

3. Shared equipment will be separate from personal equipment as much as possible.

4. Each player, coach, spectator, umpire will be required to wear a face covering in any area that they cannot safely be six feet apart.

5. Player will be asked to sit with family members when off of the field of play as opposed to sitting on the bench.