2021 Covid-19 - Social Distancing Guidelines

The following guidelines will be enforced at any Chili Youth Baseball event, practice or game (failure to comply could lead to removal from the league or event):

1. Whenever possible, adhere to six-foot physical distancing when not around members within the same family. 

2. Face coverings must be worn when not able to practice six-foot distancing. For example, please wear a face covering from the car to the field. When sitting within 6 feet from another family, you may remove the face covering.

3. Refrain from entering player areas or touching share equipment unless requested from the coach.

4. Any shared benches, tables or bleachers on the fields may be used at your discretion as long as it's a non player area and social distancing can be maintained. 

5. Please refrain from eating any type of food such as gum or seeds that can be spit. 

6. Conduct daily symptom checks for possible Covid-19 symptoms. If a spectator is not feeling well it is best to stay home.