2021 Covid-19 - Social Distancing Guidelines

The following guidelines will be enforced at any Chili Youth Baseball event, practice or game (failure to comply could lead to removal from the league):

1. Whenever possible, adhere to six-foot physical distancing when off of the field of play.

2. Player must wear a face covering when outside the field of play and not able to practice six-foot distancing. While on the field the players are not required to wear a face covering, however feel free to have them wear one at all times if the player or parent feels comfortable doing so.

3. When the player is not on the field of play we would like each player to sit with their parent/guardian as opposed to sitting on a bench. 

4. Each team will be provided with hand sanitizer. It is encouraged for the player to feel free to use it at their leisure after they've used any shared equipment such as balls or bats after play for that inning.

5. There will be no sharing of personal equipment (unless on the same team as an immediate family member) such as: water bottles, food, hats, batting gloves, mitts or individually owned helmets, bats or catchers gear. Individual equipment should be kept six-foot from other equipment, or left with the parent/guardian. There will be sanitation measures in place to wipe down any shared equipment after each inning.

6. Players must refrain from physical contact with another player as much as possible. There will be no handshake lines at the end of the game. 

7. Please refrain from eating any seeds, gum or anything that could be spit out. 

8. Parent/guardian/player must conduct daily symptom checks for possible covid-19 symptoms. If a player is not feeling well it is best to stay home, but anyone with fever, cough or difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell MUST stay home.

9. If a player has tested positive with covid-19, the parent/guardian must notify the coach so that proper protocols will be taken.