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Divisions of Play

Chili Youth Baseball welcomes kids ages 4-15 to play baseball in the town of Chili, NY with 5 divisions of play. The league provides balls, helmets and bats to use, but personal equipment can be purchased. Each player will receive a uniform consisting of pants, shirt, hat and socks. Below shows the divisions and age ranges of play but each division has details on its page. 



4-6 by 5/1

Soft Core baseballs used. Instructional. Players bat from tee at home plate first month. Players do not pitch. No standings.



6-8 by 5/1

Hard baseballs.  Instructional. Coach will pitch to players. Players do not pitch. Standings and playoffs.



9-10 by 5/1

Hardball. Players pitch. League standings and playoffs.

Majors 11-12 by 5/1

Hardball. Players pitch. League standings and playoffs.

Pony 13-15 by 5/1

Hardball. Players pitch. League standings and playoffs.


It is Chili Youth Baseball's policy that all players compete at a level they are capable of both physically and developmentally. Chili Youth Baseball recommends player's register based on the age ranges above for safety reasons. If a parent would like to move the player up to the next age group, the parent MUST fill out a Play Up Request form (on Register Page) and send it to for board approval. This MUST be done prior to registration.

Season information


The season for Chili Youth Baseball generally runs from April - July.

Some of our divisions that play with other local towns may start practices in April pending access to fields. Games for these divisions usually run until the end of June with play-offs in July.

Our youngest players in our t-ball division typically start practices in May with games starting in June and running through July.

Our oldest players, the Pony division participate in a league with other local towns and the practices begin in May with games starting in June and ending in July.

Once teams and coaches have been placed for the season, the coaches will be in contact with the players in April with more details.

Practices will usually begin at 6 pm on each division's designated days and games will begin at 6:15 pm.

Chili Youth Baseball Sponsors

The below organizations are just a few who help make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Check out the full list on our Sponsors page!

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